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Christmas is coming and this goose is getting fat on beers, bourbon, award winning burgers, smashed bauballs and a distinct lack of sleep. Check out what we've got in store (lots of late nights) this December!

Book an area!

Give us a call or mail us on to book an area for 5 - 100ppl...

Christmas Food Menu:

Buffet Style Banquet : £12.90/head
- Mini Yorkshire puddings, rare roast beef, horseradish
- Slider sized Turkey Burger, with sage and onion stuffing, crispy shallots, mayo,
- Slider Sized Beef Burgers, caramelised onions, cheese and pickles
- Slider Sized Miso Aubergine burger (vegan)
- Sticky Ribs, pork ribs slow cooked and glazed with cherry cola
- Falafel bites - tahini sauce (vegan)
Chicken Wings with BBQ or Frank’s Red - Hot sauce
- Sweet potato Fries (vegan)
- Crudités and home made Tzaziki (veggie)
- Blackened sweet corn (veggie)
Caesar Salad

Just nibbles £9
- Nachos and Guacamole (vegan)
- Bacon wrapped Cumberland sausages
- Chicken Wings with BBQ or Frank’s Red Hot sauce
- Sweet potato Fries (vegan)
- Falafel bites with tahini sauce (vegan)
- Popcorn Halloumi (veggie)
- Crudités and home made Tzaziki (vegan version available)

Proper banquet eating
Turkey for you to carve at the table, stuffing, yorshire puddings, green beans with shallot butter, roasted glazed carrots, roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts,
cranberry sauce.

Minimum 6 people to share £20 per person £24 per person with Christmas Pudding + brandy cream

Vegan / Vegetarian options available on request


Sunday - Wednesday
12 - 3am

Thursday - Saturday
12 - 4am

Djs in the main bar every night

Clubnights Upstairs from 11 Wednesday - Saturday*

*Election night on 12th December over both floors

Sunday 22nd - CLOSED TILL 27th...

Friday 27th
12 - 4am
DJs in the main bar + White Heat Club 11 - 4am Upstairs

Saturday 28th
12 - 4am

Sunday 29th
12 - 2am

Monday 30th
12 - 2am

White Heat New Year's Eve Party over both floors.
9pm - 4am

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