Friday, April 11 Guided Missile presents David Devant & His Spirit Wife, Joanne Joanne 8pm sold out
Guided Missile continues its 20 year anniversary celebrations with a rare outing for the amazing David Devant & His Spirit Wife, plus a tip of the hat to another famous DD in the shape of Joanne Joanne. Top entertainment.

DAVID DEVANT & HIS SPIRIT WIFE David Devant And His Spirit Wife are a groundbreaking group of chaps that have been making music since emerging from Brighton in the early 1990's. Briefly popular in '97, their legendary live shows were a thrilling mix of glam rock, art pop and music hall theatrics. Like the bastard child of Bowie, Roxy Music and cult TV series The Prisoner, David Devant & His Spirit Wife have the vision, the style and the originality to show you a better life. And it's all done by kindness.


JOANNE JOANNE Forming in Birmingham in 1980, Duran Duran quickly evolved out of the New Romantic scene that spawned them and by 1984 were the biggest pop band on the planet. But in the eyes of many fans, it’s the first two albums, Duran Duran and Rio that carry the strongest resonance and are held in the greatest affection.
Here the lines begin to blur. Famously ‘fusing the Sex Pistols with Chic’ (!), Joanne Joanne " five London based female musicians (including, too perfectly, two Joannes) " conceptually align themselves with Duran’s classic 1981/ 1982 oeuvre, performing faithfully " and exclusively " songs from that period, out of love - and as Nick Rhodes might have once quipped ‘for aesthetic reasons’. ‘Sound Of Thunder’, ‘Planet Earth’, ‘The Chauffeur’, ‘Hold Back The Rain’ and all the rest are vividly, weirdly brought back to life by the five. Not only that, but collectively - and with tongues firmly in their cheek -

Joanne Joanne inhabit the recent memory of the time: The early days at the Rum Runner, Le Bon’s summer on an Israeli Kibbutz in ‘79, that ‘81 Old Grey Whistle Test appearance - all are referenced in onstage banter, particularly from ‘Andy’. It’s a lot of fun.

They ‘don’t do Rio’.

But they do do the Night Versions. And the B-sides. Plus the odd wild card might sometimes be thrown in as a surprise.
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