Wednesday, October 24 Zombie Zombie, The Oscillation 8pm adv £8
Zombie Zombie return with ("Rituals Of A New World"), a new record that looks beyond the confines of human life and towards an imagined, abstract world. Last time out in 2010, the band took on the genius of seminal film score composer John Carpenter, with a series of bewitching takes on some of his finest work. Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde however closes the door on that chapter of the group and sees them stride in an entirely new direction.

Etienne Jaumet (analogue and modular synthesizers, rhythms boxes, effects and vocals) and Cosmic Neman (drums and percussion) began recording last spring in between the Jaumet and Neman’s various other projects - the former additionally has a solo project whilst the latter is part of Herman Dune. Instrumental to the new record was producer Joakim, who worked in such an involved way with the group that he came to be regarded as something of a third member.

Through sounds and rhythms, the aim of ‘Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde’ is to push the listener towards a dream-like place, a state of trance that recalls the syncopation of traditional African and Caribbean music, and cultures where the “ritual” is a process that allows the human mind to come into contact with a supernatural state.
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