Tuesday, May 22 The Local presents Gravenhurst, Sweet Lights 7.30pm adv £11
Gravenhurst is the work of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Nick Talbot from Bristol, England.

The Ghost In Daylight is his most sonically diverse work yet, with starkly acoustic songs resting alongside densely layered pieces constructed from mellotrons, optigans and antique synthesizers. Over the course of six startling and critically acclaimed albums, Nick Talbot has developed and retained a unique identity across multiple genres.

“I like the idea of listening to Gravenhurst as being to some degree an active rather than passive experience. The songs offer clues and form maps to a place that is partly given, and partly open to the listener to construct as they wish.”

Praise Gravenhurst albums

The Western Lands:
"Gorgeous, melancholy English psychedelia… This is, simply, beautiful music."The Guardian

"A masterpiece… Notice it now, or waituntil people start hailing it as a lost classic in a decade’s time." 8/10 NME

“Electric guitarscapes exude a widescreen majesty while Nick Talbot’s ghostly vocals explore the darkest recesses of the internal world.”MOJO, 50 Greatest Albums Of 2007

"Gravenhurst makes beautiful music" Independent On Sunday

"Intensely compelling" The Sunday Telegraph

Fires In Distant Buildings:

“utterly magnificent… probably the best album I’ve heard all year” The Sunday Telegraph

“brave and challenging” Independent on Sunday

“quite extraordinary” Mojo

“softly f***ing psychotic 9/10” Vice Magazine

Black Holes In The Sand:

“Breathtaking in all senses” Q Magazine

“Not to be listened to when alone” Daily Telegraph

“Talbot has upped the game for all others” 8/10 NME

Flashlight Seasons:

“Absolutely brilliant” 8/10 NME

“Jaw dropping” Time Out

“An album of ghostly modern folk beauty” 4/5 Mojo
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